Harness the potential of the data center

The data center of today has evolved into a multifaceted operation often extending across multiple platforms and locations. New technologies (big data and cloud) and new delivery models (cloud as-a-service and hybrid management of cloud and legacy operations), further increase the complexity of managing IT environments. Organizations are finding it difficult to conduct ongoing operations and maximize and leverage critical legacy infrastructures while planning and transforming to the New Style of IT. The potential of the data center as a tool for productivity and growth is often delayed or lost.

If your IT resources and current data center workload operations and facilities are not optimized, they are unlikely to meet the demands that new technologies and hybrid delivery models will place on them. Subsequently, the benefits you receive from your current IT investment are reduced, and your timeline and cost to move to newer technologies will increase and expand.

HP Helion Managed Private Cloud

In today’s marketplace, organizations must have an efficient and dependable infrastructure to support and align to your business needs, regardless of the technology chosen. You need knowledgeable and experienced resources that can:

  • Help you assess your current operations
  • Provide advice on new technologies and strategies to implement your choices
  • Provide step-by-step plans to transform your IT environment your “new style of IT”
  • Manage and optimize your existing operations while moving your operations forward.

You need a cost effective secure solution that meets your needs today, exceeds your needs tomorrow and is flexible to meet the changing demands of the future.

With more than 80 HP leveraged data centers in 27 countries, including 22 cloud data centers, HP Hosting Services provide reliable, globally delivered solutions that help you achieve your IT goals:

  • Select basic or fully managed services to meet your needs, as you need them.
  • Hybrid delivery and management across old and new technologies to provide “best fit” delivery models based on your needed outcomes and workload requirements.
  • Zero-outage targets to increase reliability and improve uptimes.
  • Infrastructure optimization for greater efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Industrial-strength standards, security and data protection to meet compliance and regulatory requirements.
  • Virtualized solutions for reliable, flexible, cost-effective services.
  • Expand or contract service volumes with options for consumption-based delivery to meet rapidly changing business needs.

Server Management Services

Keeps your infrastructure running reliably and securely in your data center or ours. Server Management Services provides management and monitoring of servers and databases, with the full capability to comprehensively manage, coordinate and integrate your infrastructure with network, storage, middleware, and application layers.

Enterprise Application Hosting Services

HP delivers the expertise and knowledge to host your business-critical enterprise applications (SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM) in a cloud model, a traditional infrastructure model, or via a hybrid model composed of integrated support and management of traditional and cloud infrastructures.

Web Hosting Services

Fully managed, infrastructure-hosted service for the unique needs of web-enabled applications. HP delivers a flexible web environment that is scalable and secure to meet your business requirements.

Managed Mainframe Services

We provide clients with hosting, storage, and disaster recovery services in support of the IBM z/Series platform. These global services can be delivered remotely to a client site or from an HP leveraged data center.



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