Transforming your financial institution

HPE provides end-to-end ITO, BPS and Applications services for the Banking, Capital Markets and Insurance segments. Our business intelligence, analytics, security, and cloud services and solutions help you plan for shifting market trends and regulatory changes. You’ll spend less time managing IT and spend more time where it belongs—focused on your customers and your business.


Who would disagree that change is a constant within the banking landscape? Coping with that change has become your big challenge. Competitive advantage is the prize for banks that transform their technology environments to harness innovation and exploit flexibility. These are the qualities you will find in HPE's solutions for banking, which include core banking, and branch and channel transformation. HPE also offers an extensive portfolio of outsourced services, including card and payments services, loan processing and call center operations.

Capital Markets

HPE delivers end-to-end technology and business processes to Capital Markets participants. While many firms are constrained by aging legacy IT systems, HPE enables participants to respond to changing business needs, transform their cost base and rebuild customer trust and anticipate changing customer needs and preferences for emerging channels such as social networking, mobile devices and the Internet.


HPE Insurance Services provide back-office support to streamline administrative processes for claims from life, annuity, property and casualty policies. Our services are focused on cutting costs, driving revenue growth, and improving customer satisfaction to retain good relationships. With more than 40 years experience delivering insurance services we can provide you expertise in as relationship management, delivery planning and sales.


Financial Services Solutions

Cards and Payments Services

HPE provides secure transaction processing in the Card and Payment industry across the entire value chain for consumer, commercial and specialty cards and merchants. We provide a secure, PCI compliant framework for card issuing, switching and merchant acquiring. Our front end services focus on the digital customer journey, and offer capabilities like mobile payments, ecommerce solutions, data analytics, dashboarding, loyalty and marketing programs.

Our back end cloud based solution includes real time transaction switching, card processing, payments and merchant acquiring to replace legacy IT solutions. This is supported further by integrated back office and contact center facilities, archiving, digital printing facilities and more.

HPE Tokenization Services help our clients to meet the industry demand to secure personal and confidential payment data with a one off token in the transaction to remove any identifiable data. Globally, HPE supports over 500 payment clients, services 68 million accounts, 3.1 million merchants, and more than 13 billion transactions annually.

Commercial Card Services

HPE Commercial Card Services provides tools to manage expense reporting and address the risks and administrative costs of processing invoices and payments. You can offer your clients commercial cards for employee use for business expenses. This enables your clients to manage costs by keeping track of when, where and by whom the money is spent.

Consumer Card Services

HPE Consumer Card Services offers an "always-on" end-to-end solution to your card transaction needs. We process purchases quickly at the point of sale and route the transactions to the correct location. We also apply the correct fees and interest rates to customer bills and collect money from them to make sure all accounts are paid in full.

Credit, debit, and gift cards are now the most common forms of payment. New forms of payments (prepaid cards, mobile payments) are leading to increased transaction volumes. You also have to deal with regulations like CARD Act and PCI compliance. These challenges present numerous customer churn, ever-changing fraud patterns, and new competition from mobile phone companies and online players.

Merchant Acquirer Services

HPE Merchant Acquirer Services is a transaction-processing system that helps acquirer banks supply card payment services to merchants. We manage the card pricing factors and calculate best interchange rate for each transaction. Statements are adaptable and deposits flexible. For example, you can specify settlement rules and define multiple merchant accounts to route charges and deposits separately.

We support any form of debit or credit card payment. Also, we package your business rules in a PCI-compliant environment and deliver services on a 'pay for use' basis. Capital investments are minimized and ongoing costs are predictable.

PrePaid Card Services

HPE Prepaid Card Services support a wide range of debit, credit, and prepaid options, including use of multiple currencies on a single card through the use of multicurrency purses. This gives banks the ability to provide new products across many industries and customer segments, including transportation, healthcare, and government. A single platform provides a simple view of a bank's portfolios.

Secure Payment Services

Eliminate the cost and ongoing effort of complying with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). HPE Secure Payment Services offer a more secure, seamless, environment for accepting credit card payments—without touching customers’ sensitive card information.

Our shared-services solution has a secure data vault that transforms sensitive customer data into tokens, adding a layer of protection for your payment transactions. Your data is no long a target. Data in your systems is stored as a token while the payment card numbers are stored at HPE.

Business Exchange Services

HPE Business Exchange Services provide global, scalable B2B integration brokerage solutions and services that enable clients to better communicate, connect, and exchange data with their trading partners. They improve business performance and accelerate growth through platform optimization, integration, process, and community management, and visibility service capabilities. We provide exceptional value through a total managed services solution, freeing up our client's financial and human capital for reinvestment and growth.

Surveyor Application Processing Services

HPE Surveyor Application Processing Services facilitates quick and reliable credit decisions. It receives consumer and commercial credit applications from multiple delivery channels. It retrieves consumer and business credit reports, scores applications based on your criteria, and then provides decisions within seconds of application entry. In one platform, Surveyor supports multiple credit products including consumer and business credit cards, consumer lending, student loans, and mortgages.

Credit Services

Consumer Loan Services

HPE Consumer Loan Services makes it easy to deal with the ongoing challenges of managing your loan portfolio. From origination to final payment, our outsourcing services can handle the middle and back-office functions of consumer loan processing.

Mortgage Loan Services

HPE Mortgage Loan Services offers deep banking expertise, full-service loan capabilities, business process transformation skills and high-powered technological expertise. NOTE: Although HPE Mortgage Loan Services are sold internationally, they are not available in the US at this time.

Insurance Services

HPE Radience

HPE Radience can replace your core application processing with a flexible technology platform. Its service-oriented architecture eases integration into your enterprise.

HPE ProductXpress

HPE ProductXpress is a graphical, collaborative product design and calculation environment used by marketing, actuarial, business line and IT teams. It contains a common rules and calculation engine used with presales illustrations, web-based portals, in-force illustrations and administration systems.

HPE Ingenium

HPE Ingenium is a core life, annuity and disability policy administration system. It supports all your insurance products through their full policy life cycles. HPE Ingenium is highly configurable, feature-rich and able to be deployed internationally.