HP Patient Identification Printing Solution allows admissions departments to print a complete patient admissions packet—including not only wristbands, but privacy notices, consent forms, bar-coded labels, and documents for lab work, x-rays, or other procedures—from one device, at one time. By using a multi-function HP device, you can also receive, fax, and scan records on the same device, saving valuable office space, supplies costs, staff training, and IT support that would otherwise be necessary for multiple devices.

Then, using a portable barcode scanner, clinical staff can instantly access a wealth of patient information—including photographs, standard medical records, allergy warnings, and so on. This can greatly reduce the scope for error and help to improve patient safety and clinical outcomes.

How does it work?

Open patient record in EMR.

Print color wristband and
patient admissions packet
on different media in the
same step with the same MFP.

HP at work

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Case study: Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Case study: Merck