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Rick Ahlgren

What I can do for you

I have a diverse set of experiences which include planning all the way through to implementation, as well as a comprehensive understanding of information technology in a business context. I started out in technical roles, including operations, support, development, strategic planning, executive level IT positions, and ClO adviser, so I know IT inside and out and can help you from strategy and planning through architecting and implementation.My effort is to help you reduce costs and increase efficiency through process reengineering, rationalization, and modernization. I also want to enhance product development processes and re-hosting projects, designing and developing new applications to enhance POS marketing processes and automate manual tasks, where appropriate.

I think about how inflexible an organization’s systems and processes are, and how inaccessible their information is in some cases. Companies need to be much more agile.

My IT interests include driving a tighter alignment between business and IT. I can work with you on transformational programs that can have a high impact on your business with respect to growth strategies, operational efficiency and effectiveness, process improvement, and competitive differentiation.

Who I am

I bring a strategic business perspective to the use of information technology because I want you to get more for your IT dollar, become more strategically aligned, and achieve more powerful and competitive solutions relative to your industry.

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More than just IT

Operating as a business and IT strategist, and also as a chief architect, I look at the processes, systems and technology, governance, and structure for your organization that are undergoing change. I have a strong change-management background and can help you make change effective inside your organization. My approach is to make an assessment of your company’s culture, including all of the relevant elements (systems, applications, technology, and people), as well as the organizational structures needed to position you on a path forward.

I have a deep experience executing IT transformation programs across multiple industries, including manufacturing, consumer packaged goods, financial services, and technology, as well as government work. I can help you explore new market opportunities more efficiently through effective IT strategy, processes, planning, and architecture.

Understanding the business

Developing a relationship with you as a client means recognizing the opportunity or needs you have, along with your company's current situation, before launching into solutions. This process is driven by a strong business case; first understanding the business, the situation, and the opportunity, and then considering what's feasible.

I see an ever greater need for companies to be more agile. Given the real-time nature of information, and the proliferation of mobile devices, your customers (especially those Gen Y and Z-ers) expect to interact with your company anytime, on any device, to get the information they need to make purchase decisions about products and services.

Future Growth

Some of the forces I see affecting your business in the immediate future include the impact of the cloud. I believe you will be paying close attention to the role that IT plays in business, and how the global nature of your business environment will impact product and services delivery. I also see significant opportunities for companies like yours to execute mergers and acquisitions. M&A is an effective growth strategy for many companies. Putting IT systems in place quickly and efficiently allows you to gain the greatest benefits.

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