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Larry Hinman

What I can do for you

Critical Facilities Consulting can do for clients what none of our competitors can. We are the only consultants that that have an active organization and services model capable of providing right-sized and predictable data center frameworks that integrate risk, technology and data center facilities with your business model. We are the bridge that closes the gap between business, IT and data.

We are a think tank of world-class expertise that delivers integrated, end-to-end solutions for our clients.

Who I am

I developed the Critical Facilities Consulting organization and authored its framework to help clients understand their data center requirements. We deliver time-tested frameworks for tangible, practical and predictable data center operations that are cost-effective, agile and efficient. Our expertise provides clients with the necessary information to make critical business decisions for the present and well into the future.

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What I have learned

Working at HP has given me a thorough understanding of the gaps and issues IT organizations face. Critical Facilities Consulting (CFC) has grown out of that understanding. At HP, we're much more than an IT company. We are a think tank of world-class expertise that delivers integrated, end-to-end solutions for our clients. CFC is a critical part of our total IT solution. No other company offers that kind of comprehensive service.

My background

Since 1978 I've been working as an engineer, planning and designing networks and systems for the telecommunications industry. These included backbone networks, metro and long-haul optical transport and later, data centers. My experience has led me to develop the framework, processes, methodologies and toolsets that make up the Critical Facilities Consultancy within HP's Worldwide Practices.

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