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Craig Partridge

What I can do for you

Many of our customers are still struggling with how to respond to the major disrupters in the market, namely Cloud, Mobility, Social and Big-Data. For many of our customers some of these represent a threat to the position they have in their respective organizations. My job is to help Enterprise IT create compelling transformation initiatives that give a coherent direction that the business can invest in, which is led by Enterprise IT. I deliver numerous strategy workshops, specifically HP’s Mobility Transformation Experience Workshop, which has helped many of our customers take back the lead in responding to this major disruptor and cementing their relevance to the business.

HP’s assets are second to none. From world class
data center solutions (Converged Infrastructure)
to Enterprise class end user devices, all connected
by HP’s open, scalable and simplified Networking solutions. If we join together the power of these products with the global support and services capabilities there is really no-one else that

We have incredibly talented and committed people who deliver amazing innovation in our products and services. Our ethic is built upon never resting until we deliver what we set out to achieve for our customers—I believe that also sets us apart.

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I’ve always found the HP culture to be honest, open and filled with natural collaborators—I think that is built into the DNA of our team. There is always a temptation to focus on your own area of expertise or capability, but honestly our jobs are 100% easier when we collaborate across boundaries. So I continue to enjoy being stretched to look at new areas. This continued learning is a feature of my job, and I love it.

Who I am

I am the WW strategy lead for HP Network Services organization. My job is to create a thought-leading, coherent and integrated portfolio of services that excite our customers and solve their problems. I try to react quicker to industry trends than our field delivery teams can sometimes do, integrate those trends with HP’s broad services capabilities and create a more valuable and strategic approach. That means I get to present for multiple customers and at lots of events, as well as often running strategic workshops to help our customers create their own compelling journeys. Ultimately, I create the story of what we do in TS-Networking—and why it matters to our clients.

My job is to ensure that our customers get that one-HP view; and that they also get thought leadership in how to use these assets to solve their business problems. Once you’ve managed to integrate solutions with the broadest range of market leading technology from HP, customers are willing and eager to work with us.

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