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Dave Banthorpe

What I can do for you

Knowing where to start with Unified Communications can be a bit of a minefield and often requires buy-in from different parts of your company. I can help you by working with those key stakeholders to determine the right solution, identify the key components and develop an overall architecture that not only represents what you want to achieve in the short term but also serves as a foundation for your future aspirations.

I have access to a lot of cool technology that can help your business succeed.

Who I am

I am responsible for the solutions architecture across HP's Unified Communications portfolio, including messaging, data, content, voice and video. As a result, I have access to a lot of cool technology that can help your business succeed.

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What I have learned

Listen first. Then do. The latest and greatest technology is not right for everybody's business. You have to be able to understand your clients' needs and aspirations before you can design the right technology solution.

My background

My early career was spent working as an architect in the service provider business designing multi-million mailbox email platforms for the consumer market. My focus then moved to Application Service Provider (ASP) platforms, which were the forerunners to Microsoft Office 365 and Google Docs. Since that time I have been working in the Enterprise space concentrating on multi-vendor Unified Communications solutions.

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