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Pierre Benne

What I can do for you

I often conduct financial simulations on a bank’s ability to make investments and finance projects, through a model that could be implemented to work on CAPEX and aPEX. These sophisticated financial modeling techniques help my clients leverage the real value of their assets. For example, when one client needed to allocate costs to internal users, I helped them build a model to determine the right cost of every device in the company. Prior to this initiative, users were paying a blended price for each device.

I strike a good balance between understanding the benefits of IT and speaking business language that clients understand.

Who I am

Today you need to balance your business requirements within your IT constraints. I can help you by conducting business evaluations, evaluating the IT constraints, and then working with you to determine an appropriate IT strategy over a three-to-five-year time horizon. When it comes to creating consensus among business and IT experts, I understand the possibilities of IT and communicate them to my clients in terms of both reducing costs and optimizing processes.

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Online Services

Increasingly, banking customers want to perform basic transactions on the Web, and they also want online support and availability of services on new technologies and devices. I believe that offering reliable online services to customers – and protecting customer data by ensuring secure online transactions – is critically important to you in today’s banking world.

Cloud Computing

There are enormous opportunities to be had in cloud computing for reducing costs and optimizing processes. The cloud has come from concept to reality very quickly, and my clients are eager to leverage its benefits. Many banks are hesitant to move forward too quickly with the cloud. I understand your concerns and can helps you transition to cloud-based infrastructures and develop cloud strategies that satisfy your unique needs.


Most banks in France still have numerous branches and many still have local IT for each branch, which creates unnecessary management costs. You need to move to a more remote infrastructure, by regrouping IT systems in more efficient data centers, for example. I recently completed a major project for one of the largest banks in France, moving all of the branches' IT to central systems through Citrix and virtualization. The project stands to be a great success for the bank from a TCO standpoint; moreover, it can work just as well for other banks – as well as for insurance companies.

IT Challenges

I see a company’s legacy environment as one of the major IT challenges facing my clients today. You need to offer new services, including Web-based services, and yet most production and backoffice environments are using 10 to 20 year old mainframe-based legacy systems. You want to upgrade to new platforms, but you likely also need to continue performing all of the back-office activities on your existing mainframe/legacy environment. I can help you implement hybrid delivery structures, mixing a cloud approach with some basic legacy activity until you’re able to engage in major IT transformations for your core banking activities.

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