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Frank Bloch

What I can do for you

I am widely recognized in the industry for a strong customer orientation and leadership, as well as communication and motivational skills. With a career of wide-ranging business management positions, I can offer you a solid background in professional services, consulting services, and system integration services. As a consultant, I not only deliver you bottom-line results, but I’ll also help develop in-house IT expertise.

Companies are undergoing constant transformation, needing to become agile and flexible enterprises. In this environment, I see my role for you as driving the necessary transformation efforts and enabling business growth and success.

In this business, you succeed by listening to your customers, asking questions, recognizing and rewarding outstanding contributions, and balancing short-term results with long-term strategy.

Who I am

Acknowledged in the industry as an authority on business transformation, and program and change management, I can contribute thought leadership to your organization. I bring an energetic and positive approach to solving your business challenges with high-quality IT solutions.

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IT strategy

I can help your organization develop IT strategies that align with and support your business needs. Achieving greater business efficiency through IT will allow you to turn data into usable business information for more effective decision making and better information management. The business efficiency gained will help speed time-to-market. Our efforts together will be based on industrialized IT infrastructure solutions that leverage state-of-the-art converged architectures.

Market Dynamics

Companies face an increasingly competitive global marketplace, characterized by shorter innovation cycles and faster time-to-market. I firmly believe that success in this environment will require your managers to focus closely on innovation, cost management, and service-oriented IT landscapes.

I also see the need for more agile and flexible IT environments, including such innovations as IT-as-a-service, cloud computing, and hybrid computing.

IT challenges

In today's marketplace, you need to achieve greater IT agility, aligning IT more closely with the speed of business. Other important considerations include managing security in cloud and hybrid environments; managing the flood of data and extracting useful information from it; and connecting your customers, employees, and partners in a global environment.

Future growth

In the marketplace of the near future, I see the successful use of cloud and hybrid computing, converged IT infrastructures, and business intelligence – and the steady evolution toward mobile workplaces and clients – as the most important drivers of your success. Together we will incorporate these elements into your current and long-term IT strategies.

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