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Adila Botonjic

What I can do for you

As an Account Support Manager for Mission Critical Service I get to meet all kinds of customers: from small to big companies using different technologies, configurations and approaches to solutions. Therefore I constantly learn and update IT’s best practices and I see the direction of new trends. This is very helpful for my role as an Account Support Manager, for I am able to advise my customers and I am faster at recognizing the best solution for them. In essence, I help customers transform their IT from reactive to proactive, giving them tools to improve their business.

I help customers transform their IT from reactive to proactive, giving them tools to improve their business.

Who I am

I have a dual role at HP: as a Champion of Insight Remote Support and as an Account Support Manager. As a Champion of Insight Remote Support (IRS) I analyze customer environments and advise as to which monitoring configuration would be best suitable in order for them to control their IT infrastructure from one console and by that reduce their cost and improve their business.

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As an Account Support Manager (ASM) I have the opportunity to manage customer’s IT from all points of view, where the quality of delivered services is not in question. My goal is to optimize their IT by transforming it into a more productive working place with less risk, reduced down-time and lower costs.

What I have learned

I mostly work at customer's sites where we, HP and the customer, quickly cease to think of each other as two separate entities, but we become one, with the same aims. Our collaboration starts as a business relationship and which often morphs into a friendship. I’ve learned that to accomplish that, you need to know your customer, be a professional and also try to have fun at work.

My background

I graduated in Electotechnical Engineering but I started my work experience as a software developer. I joined HP as a Mission Critical Specialist where I was supporting Industry Standard Server (ISS) products and Insight Remote Support. I am also a Vmware Vsphere Certified Professional and I am specialized in system management tools such as HP Insight Control and HP System Insight Manager.

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