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Joseph Budzinski

What I can do for you

With the ever-increasing compliance pressures on companies today, we are expected to do more and more to minimize compliance risk. This risk for you is often compounded given the need to communicate effectively with offshore development teams. I regularly take the time and effort to thoroughly understand your business problems so that I can articulate the relevant issues clearly to your technologists.

Saying what you do and doing what you say is the best policy. You will succeed by being a leader, not a follower, by doing what is right, not what is easy, and by delivering, not delaying.

Who I am

As an IT generalist, I avoid becoming entrenched in just one component of technology. My best-practice philosophy revolves around having a well-defined, consistent, functional methodology. And whether I’m working with you on infrastructure, applications, or networking, I’m always attempting to leverage the full range of technology solutions.

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Security challenges

Looking to the future, I see security as the greatest IT challenge facing my clients. I think that the hybrid model is the perfect approach to your security issues. A hybrid approach says that some things don't warrant a great deal of concern. On the other hand, there are often important intellectual property security issues specific to your company around assets such as new vehicle designs and in government work.

Technological evolution

Many of the managers I work with are beginning to explore how they can apply the cloud to their businesses. Like you, I see cloud computing and converged infrastructure as a natural evolutionary cycle, with the centralized computing infrastructure taking us back to discussions we had together around mainframes in the past – distributed vs. client-server computing.

In the end, the relevant issue for us all is how to get your products to market faster than the competition. My focus is on applying technology to help them get there faster, cheaper, and better.

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