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Chary Chigurala

What I can do for you

Implementing game-changing programs for my clients means defining the "art of possibilities" with technologies and helping to generate internal client buy-in and funding approval. I am passionate about enabling your business innovation through emerging technologies such as social networking and the convergence of mobile devices and the Internet.

The challenges associated with technology changes are minor relative to those in forging agreement among business executives on making the right technology investments. I help my clients achieve consensus and drive major changes in their companies.

Who I am

As a consultant, I can bring practical insights to designing and managing large transformational programs. I have broad experience in client environments across 14 countries in Asia Pacific and Japan, and I can relate quickly to your complex business issues. I am able to draw parallels to other client situations where I have solved similar problems, bringing insights that are invaluable in minimizing risks.

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Thought Leadership

I take the time to comprehend complex market and business scenario changes, and articulate a powerful and compelling story in plain language. I can help you develop IT strategies that align with and support your business needs. Once we have developed these strategic options together, you will be better able to navigate uncertainties and minimize risks, which to my mind is the essence of providing practical thought leadership.

Major Issues

Clients in finance, manufacturing, oil and gas, as well as the public sector have wide-ranging business and IT challenges. I always look for ways to help clients reduce costs and enhance productivity by taking quantum leaps rather than making incremental changes. This inevitably allows you to be more innovative with your IT budget.

Understanding how your company compares with others in your industry allows you to benchmark on a scale of employing in-house to outsourced IT. Together we can work to make deep structural changes in your organization and achieve sustainable performance improvements.

Many of my clients are expanding globally. One of the key areas where I can provide insight is exploring how you can organize like a global company, to achieve a level of IT effectiveness that allows you to expand effectively.

Market Dynamics

My clients' market dynamics are often characterized by decreasing product life cycles as well as fast changing business models that result from moving IT operations to other countries. Additional factors that come into play may be multiple regulations and increasing focus on rapid consolidation, resulting in a great deal of M&A activity. In an environment like this you need to think about aligning your IT strategies with business strategies, risk management, upgraded project funding skills, value measurement practices, and environmental sustainability.

Client Challenges

Perhaps like you, my clients often face a shortage of relevant IT skills; rapid convergence of mobile, Internet, and IT systems; and plans for maintaining the stability of systems through natural disasters. In the midst of these challenges, I can work with you to integrate acquired companies' IT systems quickly.

Future Growth

There are a number of areas that I have identified where you might look for future growth, including IT governance, shared services, cloud models, networking, data centers, disaster recovery, and reducing the complexity of infrastructure, applications, and IT operations. In the future, successful companies like yours will reduce the support resources devoted to legacy systems and increase IT spending that directly supports business innovation.

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