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Daniel Choo

What I can do for you

IT is now seen by many organizations as a critical business asset and engine of innovation, despite the fact that it has often been regarded as an expense in the past. My goal is to help my clients use their IT assets to make their businesses more responsive and competitive. I will work to help you develop and evaluate your strategic options for business and IT value alignment, as well as plan and execute business-led IT transformations.

I see myself as an agent of transformation. The personal brand I would like to build with my clients is trust through proven experience.

Who I am

As an IT consultant I consider myself to be an innovator, specializing in creating powerful solutions that enable my Financial Services Industry (FSI) clients to achieve superior business value. I consistently leverage my extensive project experience and knowledge to help my clients realize their organizational goals.

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Financial Services Industry Experience

I work with FSI clients across the Asia Pacific region, helping them launch new products and achieve market leadership by developing multi-channel CRM strategies and implementing CRM technology. I have supported clients as they transform their customer experience and improve sales and services with new call centers that leverage state-of-the-art campaign management technology.

I can help you become more competitive, by re-architecting IT systems for future banking and implementing core banking and financial management (general ledger) transformation. Credit risk transformation and lending reengineering projects for my clients have improved their return on loan assets. One of the best practices I point to as most needed by banks is IT architecture and governance, to create value by ensuring alignment between business and IT.


Using IT as an enabler to differentiate and compete, especially in FSI, requires aligning and harnessing IT as an asset to deliver value. I know you face business challenges in launching innovative products and services quickly without being constrained by your legacy systems. This is especially important as competition intensifies with mergers and consolidations, along with new market entrants from foreign banks and new payment services from other industries. In meeting these competitive threats, a growing number of banks are taking aggressive steps to transform their businesses and making substantial investments in the process.

IT Challenges

As consumers become more Internet savvy and experience higher levels of connectedness and interaction through social media, my FSI clients need to rise to the challenge. I frequently point out that customers expect banks to be responsive, interactive, multimedia savvy, and socially responsible. Therefore, you may need to rethink your business models and find the most effective ways to use IT to meet your customers' expectations. One can no longer move slowly in leveraging IT to become more competitive; rather, you need to engage rapidly with collaborative and interactive solutions, as well as cloud technologies.

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