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Jeffrey Cohen

What I can do for you

Many clients are struggling with revenue. Everyone is looking for ways to win new customers and expand relationships with existing customers by offering new products and services. I make a point of not only knowing your IT, but also your products and services. This knowledge allows me to evaluate your business needs and determine how IT fits into your unique equation.

We have a belief in how you should manage technology. It allows you to automate. It allows you to provision much faster. It integrates all of your systems. I am proud to say that HP has intellectual property that no one else has.

Who I am

I consider myself first and foremost to be a problem solver, and I am tenacious about creating the best client outcomes, often collaborating with other technology experts. I am an IT cost-reduction expert and business architect at the enterprise level, and will always put your interests first, working with you to determine whatever solution best serves your needs. I want to know enough about your business to be a relevant partner with you.

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Cloud Computing

The ability to "virtualize" servers and storage to run more or fewer instances of an application as needed allows for increased hardware utilization, cloud-enabling applications and data. Applications can run in various locations, depending on availability, service levels and cost. The move to virtualized hardware and applications automates ordering, provisioning and decommissioning, freeing up your IT employees to focus on innovation. Your role as a ClO becomes that of a broker, allowing you to deliver IT capacity from legacy environments-and private and public clouds-in a secure and predictable way.

Future Trends

An important aspect of my job is to help my clients think about their needs, looking ahead to the next few years and beyond. The movement toward Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a future trend I see as relevant to many of my clients' businesses.

SOA allows you to separate the logic from your business applications and have that logic reside centrally. The benefit is that individual applications become less complex and less costly to manage.

Multi-channel integration is another hot topic. Increasingly, customers want to interact with their banks, mutual funds, and insurance companies through a variety of media and platforms, including Facebook, websites, via smart phone apps, or simply by walking into a local branch. You value being able to do the same things and take the same actions — no matter what the medium. For example, if you encounter long lines at the teller window, you want the convenience and flexibility to use your smart phone app to perform your transactions. Convergence of channel will be critical to your success.

Data Center Transformation

A third trend I see impacting my clients is the next generation data center. This is a way for you to make money, save money, and be more environmentally friendly, all at once. HP has a strong vision for your data center of the future. In fact, we flattened our data network and transformed our own organization, scaling back from 85 to just six data centers, saving money and reducing energy consumption. That's the kind of experience and knowledge that we, as trusted business partners, can bring to your organization.

Business Partner

With HP's broad product, software, and services portfolio, and the accelerating consolidation of the IT industry, I see my role as that of your business partner and integrator. I am someone who can bring together the best technologies and practices to design, deliver, and manage the best possible solutions to your business problems.

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