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Ewald Comhaire

What I can do for you

As the Global Chief Architect for HP's Technology Services Cloud Consulting services , my role is to help you realize the transformation of your IT and business to cloud and then select the model that best helps you do what needs to be done on time and at the right cost.

Through my expertise, you will see how to use the cloud’s true potential to your business’s advantage.

Incorporating cloud technology will radically change the way your infrastructure, software, and business services are sourced and consumed. I can help you understand all aspects of each cloud model (traditional, private or public) and facilitate your progression from traditional models to a fast-track cloud implementation with packaged solutions.

Through my expertise, you will see how to use the cloud’s true potential to your business’s advantage. Whether you are considering building or buying cloud services to deploy internally or to drive new sales and revenues, I can help.

Who I am

My interest and expertise is focused on consulting for cloud computing, including developing HP's Cloud Discovery Workshop, Cloud Capability/Maturity model, Cloud Roadmap Service and Cloud Design Service and co-writing HP’s Cloud Functional Reference Architecture paper to bring it all to life.

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What I have learned

First and foremost, the cloud is here to stay. Naturally, our customers want to know what it’s all about and how to apply it to their business. If it’s a public cloud, they want to know how to make money with it. For a private cloud, they need facts that’ll allow them to justify it to their CFO. In my experience, the best way to exceed client expectations is to serve as a professional consultant and offer thoughtful, cost-efficient solutions that meet their business needs.

Once we answer the tough questions, they want to know how to build it, secure it and manage it properly. To meet these demands, HP has a fully structured, end-to-end approach that allows me to address any concerns a client may have at any stage of the cloud-adoption process.

Finally, I’ve learned that building a cloud strategy that is unique to every single customer is paramount. You cannot strictly adhere to industry best practices because that alone will not differentiate a client from the competition. Like any great success, the key is listening and understanding what’s being asked and using innovative and informed decisions to reach the answer.

My background

With a master's degree in computer science and engineering from Brussels University, I specialized in compiler technology and design. I’ve also earned an engineering degree in electronics with a specialization in microprocessor architecture and design. My other specialty areas are distributing service-oriented computer architectures, microprocessor architecture design, IT architecture and strategy.

Having been with HP for more than 25 years, I’ve also been fortunate to manage the IT Solutions segment in Western Europe, serve as a principal consultant for the financial industries, guide the HP Intel Itanium program and utility data center, and lead numerous, large-scale data center consolidation projects.

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