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Colin Coyle

What I can do for you

I recognize that IT solutions in the public sector have to factor in more than technical issues. Funding, procurement, facilities, even political considerations can impact your project. I’ll help find creative ways to address both the technical and non-technical issues. You’ll get the right IT solution to fulfill your mandate, along with advice on alternative delivery structures and financing arrangements. My goal is to help you access the services and products you need, as quickly as possible. With no compromises.

I'm not a fan of putting band-aids on things. I look for the ultimate destination that my clients want to reach and how I can help them get there.

Who I am

As a Public Sector Industry Principal, I provide expert consulting to federal, state, and local governments in the U.S. My areas of expertise include federal data center consolidation to help agencies meet their mandate to cut energy and real estate costs while advancing sustainability initiatives. I’ve helped deliver a range of solutions including data center as a service (DCaaS), infrastructure as a service (Iaas), IT transformation, and IT privatization and outsourcing for state governments. I’m a registered professional architect with more than 20 years of experience at some of the world’s largest engineering and consulting firms.

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State and Local Government

State and local governments are facing some critical challenges, making new funding mechanisms more necessary than ever before. I can work to help you adopt methodologies similar to those in use in the private sector uses. We will work together to find ways to finance or privatize your IT infrastructure in order to keep resources modernized and efficient. Look for my help in developing the roadmaps to make improvements on these fronts.

Experience in Creative Solutions

Due to funding and procurement issues, it generally takes a public sector entity three to five years to implement significant IT projects. Even with that challenging time horizon, I can help you develop creative ways to get the IT solutions you’ll need to fulfill your mandates. By focusing on alternative delivery structures – including public/private partnerships and other forms of outsourcing and financing structures – I’ll help you find innovative ways for your clients to get the services and products they need as quickly as possible.

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