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Christopher Smith

What I can do for you

My role as your technology partner is to look at your business problem and identify the portfolio of services and technologies that will deliver the right solution. Throughout the process, it is my job to keep you informed and involved with the different choices and options that comprise a typical delivery of business technology.

Defining the right IT solution for your business might include working with HP Labs to gain a perspective on new and emerging technologies, and how they relate to your particular business problem. I also work on mitigation and re-mediation strategies that help maintain service delivery commitments – even when things go wrong.

I work with new technologies and processes that have yet to make it into the mainstream marketplace. This means that I have to rapidly assimilate a working knowledge of the technologies and how they relate to, and can be applied to, our customer’s business scenarios. – It's often a challenging proposition when you have few reference cases to learn from.

Who I am

As a Solutions Architect, I consult with customers on both pre-sales and delivery activities based around computing infrastructure and services. I have acquired a breadth and depth of knowledge across a variety of technology spaces with emphasis on infrastructure, and most recently, Big Data and Hadoop. This experience helps me to craft a business solution from HP’s infrastructure building blocks to meet your specific business needs.

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I have a strong network of knowledgeable colleagues across the HP business units, so I can quickly identify other resources and capabilities that can help resolve complex issues. In this way I can assure that customers get the best value from "one HP". I’m comfortable working at the leading edge of technologies, identifying alternatives to traditional solutions that may bring additional value to your business via HP solutions.

What I have learned

Through my years of experience I have come to learn that everything changes other than the basic business fundamentals. New technologies come and go, but the underlying principles remain: Design. Test. Refine. Support.

My background

Professional Summary: Over 32 years of IT and consulting experience.

  • HP – Master Solution Architect, UK TS Consulting
  • EASAMS – C4I Design & Infrastructure Manager
  • RTD – Group Leader, Software & Network Systems
  • Syntagma – Technical Director, Industrial & Measurement Systems

Industry/Business Focus

  • Communications, Media, and Entertainment
  • Public sector

Areas of Expertise

  • Hadoop & Big Data
  • Converged Infrastructure
  • Technical Management
  • Innovation

Career Highlights

  • Designing and selling one of the first implementations of Ford’s Statistical Process Control for industrial metrology
  • Designing & implementing a MASCOT scheduler for Microprocessor Systems
  • Designing, building and using a high speed network for office connectivity
  • Leading the design, development and successful deployment of a joint tri-Service command and control system.
  • Development and selling of innovative desktop deployment solution for business
  • Architecting the world-wide infrastructure upgrade for the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office
  • Co-Developer of an innovative technique for Cluster Performance Visualisation
  • Design, building and commissioning some of the largest Hadoop Clusters in the world


  • Degree in Bio-molecular Science, Portsmouth Polytechnic, England/UK

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