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Francesco Saverio Danzica

What I can do for you

Bring positive results to your business by sharing tomorrow's data center technology. I'm constantly learning about what's next in this field because it's my passion. Build a relationship with me and HP to tap into these developments, discover new ways to boost performance and efficiency, and keep improving over time.

I am currently developing a new generation of consulting services that optimize IT investments and demonstrate measurable results.

Who I am

I'm fortunate to manage the biggest server and storage consolidation project for HP's Telecommunications Systems Division (TSD) team in Italy. I work on a great team with deep technical knowledge and a solid relationship with our client, a major telecommunications company. I love leading our team, guiding our client, and of course always having my hands on the technology. (My friends tell me I should have been born in the 22nd century instead of the 21st.)

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Right now I'm involved in a pioneering HP Early Access Program for a client. We're installing and configuring Europe's first SD2 System: a blade-based converged infrastructure that will replace older SuperDome servers.

What I have learned

Our clients really do appreciate HP for its technical competency, professionalism, availability, and flexibility. This means a lot to me, both personally and because I think these differences set us apart as a company.

My background

I've worked for HP for eight years now: first as Account Support Manager and then in my current role as a Technical Consultant. In this role I've followed all the main projects HP has performed for our telecom client: virtualization of HP-UX systems (our Unix platform), storage consolidation of multivendor platforms to our HP Storage XP12000 system, and finally the implementation of our Next Generation Data Center program. I'm a specialist in HP-UX, HP SuperDome (a high-end server), and HP's StorageWorks XP disk arrays. I'm also certified as a Mission Critical System Engineer and have a foundation in IT infrastructure libraries (ITIL) for IT service management.

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