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Ricardo Fernandez

What I can do for you

My effort is to help you reduce costs and increase efficiency through process reengineering, rationalization, and modernization. I also want to enhance product development processes and re-hosting projects, designing and developing new applications to enhance POS marketing processes and automate manual tasks, where appropriate.

We can help our customers protect, capture, and publish their data in the cloud, and we can do it as part of a set of investment return projects. We can do more for less. My motto? Don’t just change, evolve.

While today's customers are extremely budget conscious, they still need technology to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage and differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

Who I am

As a pragmatic, results-oriented thinker, my goal is to help you do more, faster and better – with less. I have broad IT experience in the manufacturing and distribution industries, as well as having worked extensively in the banking, retail, and public sectors. My broad industry experience combined with a solid track record of reducing costs and enhancing efficiency makes me valuable member of your team.

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Market Dynamics

The main drivers of change, as I see it, are mergers and acquisitions; globalization of manufacturing, marketing, and selling; and the need to expand into new markets. In this environment, you will want to think about rationalizing and targeting your offerings, differentiating your company from your competitors, and becoming operationally excellent to maintain these competitive positions.

IT Challenges

Manufacturing companies are experiencing change at unprecedented levels, driven externally by the business environment and internally by the need to do more with less. I want to help you transform your computing and application architectures to become more agile and cost effective.

One significant trend impacting manufacturers is outsourcing and off-shoring – resulting in significantly greater focus on core competencies. Other IT challenges include security, risk, and compliance; information convergence and business intelligence; standardization and consolidation; the cloud and in-house hybrid computing; and finding the right balance for new IT models. I can help guide you in addressing these challenges with the lowest cost, most effective IT solutions available.

Future Growth

In a world that is becoming globalized at an ever-increasing rate, your IT organization must keep up the pace and I can help you address these near and longer-term challenges.

In order to embrace growth successfully, customers need to set up a flexible IT architecture and establish a global security approach. However, with no single reference model to copy, you cannot simply replicate best practices without understanding where you want to go with them. Being prepared for next-generation IT will require you to establish a transformational approach. Such an approach cannot be achieved by localized improvement projects alone.

IT Trends

I have identified the top trends in IT as cloud computing; non-core business activities outsourcing; global security; and application and system consolidation, rationalization, and virtualization. My goal is to help you prioritize which areas to focus on now in order to achieve the greatest long-term efficiency gains and cost savings.

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