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Mark Fitch

What I can do for you

As I see it, adapting to the new economics of the digital world is the major challenge facing my clients. Companies need to deliver an engaging and personalized customer experience, requiring significant creativity and innovation on their part to deliver new products, services, and content. I understand the potential of leading-edge technologies to deliver competitive advantage, agility, and innovation, and I have the expertise to help you translate this potential into commercial reality.

Change is constant. Actively engaging all client stakeholders -- business, IT and end customers --throughout the transformation journey is a critical success factor.

Who I am

I am a management and technology consultant who is both entrepreneurial and results-oriented. I have more than 20 years of experience helping Communications, Media, and Entertainment (CME) industry clients embrace technology driven new market opportunities. I’m comfortable claiming that I specialize in the "art of the possible,'" creating a compelling case for change and leading transformation to deliver sustainable value.

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Transforming IT

My clients need to stay lean and agile to remain competitive and respond to new market opportunities. Transforming IT to meet these challenges is fundamental to CME organizations competing in the twenty-first century.

Market Dynamics

Telecommunications companies are competing fiercely in mature Western markets. The customer experience is critical to building and maintaining loyalty and reducing churn. Smart phones, mobile data, convergence, and emerging areas such as M2M (machine-to-machine) and cloud services are key growth areas. Moreover, the digitization and unbundling of content is reducing significantly the value of digital revenue streams compared to those of conventional media. My media and entertainment clients are responding by digitizing their entire supply chains, experimenting with new business models, and improving customer intimacy by engaging them across increasingly diverse channels.

IT Challenges

One of the greatest challenges you’re facing today is agility – being ready to exploit new opportunities quickly and efficiently. Legacy infrastructure, inadequate processes, and outdated organizational structures and skills make this a difficult issue to address effectively. You’re likely also facing daunting security threats from new viruses, denial of service attacks, and IP and information theft. These threats will only increase with rapidly growing amounts of digital content, further automation of industry-wide processes, and proliferation of embedded devices.

Business Challenges

Being part of the CME industry, you face significant business challenges, including new competitors who are encroaching on your traditional markets. Hence, you need to find ways to out-innovate these new market entrants and leverage your company’s core strengths, including brand, marketing, customer relationships, and next-generation networks. Preventing customer churn is another major challenge. The customer experience is crucial. For you, developing a consistent, compelling experience across all channels will improve customer retention, while supporting sustainable market growth.

Future Growth

Agility and innovation are common themes for the growth agenda of my CME clients. HP's comprehensive offerings, including converged infrastructure, cloud computing, mobility, collaboration, connectivity, and security provide the enabling infrastructure that can fuel growth.

I can help you navigate your business and IT challenges and deliver transformation results that will create a step-change in your performance.

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