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Marco Giletta

What I can do for you

Given the ubiquity of IT in today's business world, I’m convinced that the ability to apply technology appropriately is crucial to solving any business process-based problem. You buy technology not for its own sake, but to be able to solve your business issues. Technology is an enabler that allows managers to improve business performance, cut costs, implement strategies, and compete effectively. I can help you use technology wisely in order to satisfy a wide variety of public sector needs.

I'm very focused on problem solving and, at the end of the day, delivering value and enduring solutions. My goal is to provide my clients with real and concrete value in a tangible way.

Who I am

As a seasoned business professional, I have a straightforward business consulting approach. I develop a broad understanding of your public sector business issues and pain points, and then I recommend technology solutions that effectively address those problems.

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Innovation Challenges

I believe that in terms of IT innovation the public sector in Italy is facing significant challenges, lagging behind financial services, insurance, manufacturing, and communications. I can readily help you see the value in technological innovation both in terms of cutting costs and in providing more effective public services.

Improved Service

The public sector includes a wide-range of clients, from central government ministries to large municipalities to public hospitals and universities. Each of these clients' unique needs and challenges require equally unique solutions. I help my public sector clients minimize costs by leveraging existing solutions that have been applied to similar issues with other public entities. I also look for ways to satisfy the needs of your end users most effectively. I believe that solutions for improving citizen services are extremely important. In this respect, I’m always working to extend those services by providing more efficient ways to gather information.

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