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Lawrence Guevel

What I can do for you

My goal is always to drive business value through effective business and IT leadership. I want you to see me as a change agent, applying my business expertise to help you develop and execute strategies and options to achieve optimum results. Bringing deep experience in strategic planning, I believe I can add significant value to your effort at IT transformation.

My view, in a nutshell, is that if a solution is right for the client and will help achieve the desired business outcome, then I will propose it. I'm focused on helping clients achieve tangible results.

Who I am

I am a pragmatic, hands-on practitioner – applying business/IT strategies and best practices to help you achieve bottom-line results. I have led many complex programs of business and IT change, which have given me extensive knowledge of effective transformational and technology solutions to achieve powerful business results. From solutions development to line management, consultant, and CIO, I have worked at every level of the IT industry.

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Over the course of 30 years in consulting and management, I have helped major organizations address their change imperatives. It's this experience, along with my philosophy and approach toward our work together that I believe will earn your trust.

Industry challenges

Manufacturing enterprises today are wrestling with a number of challenges, including cost reduction, product and service complexity and reinvention, accelerating M&A, a mobile/virtual workforce, and global business models. These all have significant and far-reaching information technology implications. Agility, resiliency, and security are among the top change imperatives for your company’s IT environment.

Technology transformation

Many companies have retained older technology to avoid capital outlays and minimize potential business disruptions. As a result, yours may be an IT infrastructure that has not have kept up with the accelerating pace of business change.

With the economy showing signs of rebounding, companies are again looking at growth, expansion, and acquisition. These all require fundamental and often transformational change. I can help you through this business and technology alignment, as well as IT strategy and road map development – helping you plan and lead the "case for change”.

Business objectives

My work with you is to develop the best ways to link business strategies to technology in a way that transforms your organization and creates business value. The mission of IT is to be effective and efficient, and to provide leadership in applying technology to achieve maximum business results. Together we will pursue this mission by defining what approaches are the most effective in addressing your business needs.

I can help you address a variety of IT challenges, including:

  • Reinvesting or investing in your infrastructure so you can grow your business
  • Transforming by enabling new business/IT models
  • Cloud computing

I predict that cloud computing will become a significant technology transformation component. Several themes emerge in the adoption of cloud computing:

  • Hybrid delivery models – integrating private and public cloud services with your existing IT infrastructure.
  • IT assurance – having a comprehensive strategy to secure your information inside and outside the firewall. This includes protecting critical corporate information assets in the data center and on employees' mobile devices.

I can help you access a broad set of services around defining, planning, and adopting cloud services.

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