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Sean Guitar

What I can do for you

My IT interests include business processes and IT engineering, as well as striking a balance between the two to achieve your desired results. As an experienced problem solver, I focus on gathering information from all stakeholders, understanding what they need, and offering solutions to the organization.

I like to take advantage of the IT that's out there, and apply that solution to the business practice, not necessarily to make business change and make IT change, but to meld those two together to create something unique.

Who I am

I have a proven track record of delivering for my clients, with numerous local, regional, and global leadership positions to my credit. My experience includes leading large consulting organizations and implementation teams such as yours to accomplish business objectives. By communicating and engaging with all of your stakeholders to achieve a common vision, I can help you drive your ideas down through the organization.

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IT roadmaps

You’ll find me to be a serious champion of your corporate vision and direction. And to achieve your individual organization’s goals, I find one of the best practices is to develop an IT road map to help you achieve the forward momentum you require, while still supporting more demand, faster services, and lower costs.

Future growth

One of the current market dynamics I see is the adoption of technology being outpaced by the rate of business change. I’m always looking for ways to help you focus on how you can take advantage of technology to capture market share and move up the growth curve.

With respect to future growth, I clearly believe that mobile devices and products are having a profound impact on IT. One of the ways I can help you is by balancing IT solutions with future growth, to achieve market share, product differentiation, and other business goals.

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