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Ashley Hanna

What I can do for you

Improve your IT operation. I’ll work with you to lift service quality, mitigate risk, identify gaps in your IT environment, and uncover opportunities for proactive service. When you address those areas, you can significantly reduce cost and raise productivity. Also, if your enterprise is looking to obtain International Standardization Organization (ISO) certification, talk to me. I can definitely help.

Our all-hands-on-deck approach leads to new cutting-edge responses to today's technology challenges.

Who I am

I'm a business development manager and leader of the Mission Critical Partnership (MCP) within HP's worldwide support practice. I focus on developing proactive support services that help my clients implement IT Service Management (ITSM) efficiently and effectively. MCP is a very flexible and agile support service providing customizable solutions that are highly responsive to each of our client's needs. I'm also a member of the HP Service Management Profession Leadership Team, which gives me the opportunity to learn and collaborate with other subject matter experts, fine-tune our capabilities and ultimately keep our clients ahead of the technology and ITSM curve.

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One of my specialties is preparing companies for ISO certification. I recently helped one of our key clients in Japan do just that, preparing them for ISO20000 certification (the first international standard for IT management). In addition to providing assistance in other ISO certifications, I can consult with you in other ITSM areas to help you extract the most business value from your IT.

What I have learned

It's absolutely necessary to understand the needs of our clients at the ground level. No amount of theorizing can substitute for real-world experience. Day-to-day issues are our best teacher. We collaborate with our clients. We test best practices. In the end, our all-hands-on-deck approach leads to new cutting-edge responses to today's technology challenges.

My background

I've held a number of worldwide business development roles, during which I've authored contributions to ITIL v2 and Microsoft's Operations Framework. I've co-authored the ITIL v3 Glossary of Terms, Definitions and Acronyms and helped develop APMG-International's ISO/IEC 20000 Certification and Qualification Schemes. Currently, I am a Senior Examiner for ITIL v3, and am working as the Technical Continuity Editor for The Stationery Office's (TSO) current updates to ITIL v3; I chair the Publications Committee for itSMF UK; and I'm a Fellow of the Institute of Service Management (FISM). One of my career highlights is receiving the 2010 itSMF Paul Rappaport Award for Outstanding Contribution to ITSM.

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Authored ITIL v2 and Microsoft's Operations Framework (MOF), and Co-author of the ITIL v3 Glossary of Terms, Definitions and Acronyms.

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