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Patrick Hines

What I can do for you

In the technology industry, all systems aren't always go. When disruptions occur, I offer solutions. As an HP Customer Engineer, I connect you with the vast and deep expertise of the HP team to restore your business continuity quickly and efficiently.

My experience and expertise within the HP Services Team ensures that the right resources are always deployed.

Who I am

I support the entire HP Enterprise portfolio as well as multivendor equipment anywhere in the country, whether onsite at a client's location or at an HP data center. First, as your point of contact with HP Technology Services, I help clearly set expectations and effectively communicate the resolution process. Second, my experience and expertise within the HP Services Team ensures that the right resources are always deployed. Problem solved. That's my number one goal for each and every client I serve.

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What I have learned

There's no bigger thrill than helping my clients get back online. Often the issue at hand has caused considerable in-house frustration. My troubleshooting experience in a wide variety of environments gives me 2 key advantages. I've learned not only how to quickly provide fixes for disruptions but also the know-how to spot where best practices may have broken down. Restoring operations is important, but demonstrating how best practices can proactively avoid further disruptions is critical.

My background

I have accumulated more than 16 years of experience in Technology Services. My work in data center planning, system administration, network administration, hardware support, project support and infrastructure installation provides me with a deep understanding of all areas—and potential problem areas—of today's technology.

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