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Anke Hirning

What I can do for you

For a new technology to succeed and a project to be successful, the new technology not only needs to be professionally implemented but the technology must be also be used as designed. We strive to help every customer achieve full return of their IT investment by providing learning solutions and Management of Change services so our customers can rapidly adopt new technologies. This reduces the number of Help Desk calls, keeps productivity high, ensures a smooth transformation and also supports achieving the full ROI of the IT investment.

We strive to help every customer achieve full
return of their IT investment by providing learning solutions so our customers can rapidly adopt new

Who I am

I'm a Business Development Manager for the Learning Solutions group in HP Education Services EMEA. Learning Solutions serves all customer education projects, facilitating IT transformations by providing training and Management of Change services. My primary role is to support my peers in the EMEA countries and to engage directly with customers, but I am also involved in a large variety of activities from business generation and portfolio management to marketing and sales support. Additionally, I help grow the development of our own workforce within HP Education Services.

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What I have learned

As the EMEA lead for Learning Solutions, I've sharpened my collaboration skills by working with others from all countries within the region and all over the world. In particular, this helped in the refinement of my communication, intercultural thinking and influencing skills. While collaborating with others in the educational sector, I was able to contribute new ideas and gained new insights into my own professional education.

When it comes to customer collaboration, I've learned that it's not a one way street. Often, the success of a project is contingent upon a customer's willingness to embrace upcoming changes and their impact, a motivation to support the changes and a fully skilled staff in place to use the new technology.

My background

Prior to my role as a Business Development Manager, I was responsible for the e-learning business which is now part of Learning Solutions. I started my career at HP in 1996 as an instructor for HP-UX, and later on became a course developer and portfolio manager. In regard to my f ormal education, I received a doctorate in Physics at the University of Stuttgart.

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Anke Hirning Video

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Anke discusses how Education Services from HP can help clients make their technology shift a real success.

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Selected publications

  • "Integration of Formal and Informal Learning" (Handbook E-Learning, Germany). June 2009.
  • "Integration of Formal and Informal Learning" (Annual book of HR Development 2009, Germany). December 2008.
  • "Experts do not fall from heaven" (article in "Wissensmanagement", Germany). November 2008.

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