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Simon Hughes

Who I am

I am an enthusiastic proponent of using technology to solve business problems. Coming from a deep technology and R&D background, I am passionate about helping you deliver IT to your customers faster, cheaper, and more effectively. Understanding well that clients' immediate concerns are often merely symptoms of larger problems, I tend to focus on identifying the underlying root causes and then exploring ways to address them with you.

I like to develop strong, trusting relationships with my clients. They trust that I'll be straight with them if I don't think we're using the right approach. I don't overpromise, but if I say I'm going to do something, I absolutely do it.

I treat my clients as partners who are extremely knowledgeable about the technologies they are using. I take the opportunity to create effective solutions by listening carefully to your ideas and opinions, and then sharing the benefits of my experience on similar projects. Typically, this process leads to long-term relationships that deliver results, and tends to involve me in additional projects.

What I can do for you

With ClOs constantly challenged to do more with less, my emphasis is on building strong, trusting relationships, thus giving you the confidence that I always have your best interests in mind. I don’t promise "magic bullets", but rather am willing to guide your team in establishing the right mix of technologies and solutions given your unique business challenges.

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With companies running out of server space and suffering from low utilization rates, many of my clients are interested in the benefits of the cloud. I can help you with the immediate decision of which services to migrate to the cloud now. You may then want to follow with data center migrations as well as desktop migrations, which can be especially challenging given the large numbers of applications residing on the typical desktop.

Data Center Transformation

I have led a number of data center transformations and consolidations for my clients, including large retail chains, banks, automobile companies, and government entities. This transformation approach helps deploy new services faster by consolidating your data centers and rationalizing some of your resources.

Market Dynamics

With the U.K. still experiencing a flat economy and slow GDP growth, my public sector clients are very interested in cutting costs. I can help you implement new solutions faster–and at lower cost– by focusing on taking cost out of your existing organizations and initiating new capabilities for less.

IT Challenges

Your IT challenges today stem from the volume of storage needed by telcos and banks to meet various regulatory requirements. To accommodate the sheer volume of data, significant physical space is required. With constant challenges around data center storage and retrieval, you’re probably interested in what makes the most effective delivery models, including putting more services in the cloud. Sound decisions, based not only on the need to minimize cost, but also to deliver a better experience for customers and internal users, will come with our partnership.

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