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Darrell James

What I can do for you

I provide consulting services around issues such as storage and data optimization, acquisitions, cloud, virtualization, technology refreshes, SAN best practices, and outsourcing, as well as the various methods available today to perform data movement and reclamation. I collaborate with both internal and external industry experts to anticipate your needs and define storage and data solutions based on those specific needs. I understand architectural frameworks, methodologies, and tools and know how to apply this knowledge to successfully deliver customer projects.

I understand architectural frameworks,
methodologies, and tools and know how to
apply this knowledge to successfully deliver
customer projects.

Who I am

I currently manage a Worldwide Portfolio team chartered with conceptualization and development of consulting service products; this includes providing content to build the marketing, sales and delivery materials needed to deploy HP's Data Management offerings at customer sites. I work with our customers to align business processes and procedures with related technology and services. My current portfolio includes management and support of data migrations, backup and recovery, infrastructure-related services that compliment HP Products such as 3Par, X9000, and StoreOnce. Additionally, I provide a strong support for the professional development framework for our Technology Consulting professionals.

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What I have learned

Understanding that a business’s overall strategy is just as important as, or more important than, its technology choices has proven to be an asset in my IT career. My career has shown me that as technology continues to advance, so will our customer’s interest—we need to constantly stay abreast of the industry from an overall standpoint to stay relevant. In contrast, some technologies, such as cloud, that were introduced a few years ago have just started to get real airtime, so you also have to determine if being an early adopter is beneficial or not.

My background

I have a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies from New York Institute of Technology and a Masters of Business Administration—Information Technology Management from Florida Institute of Technology. I have worked in the Storage and Data industries for over 20 years, which have included engineer, architect and management roles for both small and enterprise organizations.

I hold two HP certifications:

  • Accredited Pre-Sales Consultant- Converged Infrastructure Solutions
  • Accredited Solution Expert- Cloud Architect

as well as various industry-related certifications.

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