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Georg Langensteiner

What I can do for you

In my role as a project manager in the area of knowledge management, I'm implementing and facilitating tools and processes that allow our support professionals to make their knowledge available to our customers. Each year thousands of HP experts worldwide write hundreds of articles that are shared with our clients, this helps them to get the most out of their HP products and technologies

Our clients rely on us and we want to make their businesses succeed.

Who I am

HP has the culture and willingness to share the expertise of thousands of its support experts with its clients. I'm continuously working with my partners from the support organizations, IT and other entities to make this happen. Like any project, this includes successfully delivering the solutions my stakeholders need on time and on budget.

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What I have learned

I truly believe that it is not what you know what counts but the knowledge you share with others. Our clients rely on us and we want to make their businesses succeed. Sharing our expertise with our clients helps them to succeed.

My background

I joined HP in technical marketing and since held several positions in IT, training, field development and knowledge management. I have been a member of both the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and VDI (The German Engineering Association) for 25 years.

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