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Jordan Lee

What I can do for you

As Manufacturing Industry Principal, I concentrate on transportation/logistics in the automotive and aerospace sectors. My special areas of expertise include business strategy, cloud computing, IT platform consolidation and transformation, and business intelligence. By getting to know your business inside and out, I’m able to present an IT platform and transformation solutions that meet your business needs. I can also help you understand the cloud and where it might fit in your future.

While many people and companies are living virtual lives – tangible assets, plus the work required to manage, transform, and move them to those willing to pay – remains the age-old objective of business. Everything else is just a plug-in.

What I can do for you

I consider myself a businessman first and an IT strategist second. I spent the first half of my career working in business and management roles before moving into consulting. Since then, I’ve accumulated more than 20 years of consulting and industry experience at HP, Information Builders, Ernst & Young, Honeywell Aerospace, Airborne Express and Bechtel.

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Top-Down Approach

I take a top-down approach to consulting: strategic, business-based discussions come first. Once the vision and business strategy is fully articulated and understood in the context of your competitive and regulatory environment, then we can start to discuss facilitating your business strategy with the appropriate information technology.

Broad Perspective

My industries of focus include financial services and insurance, where I’ve spent the past five years helping some of the world's largest FSI firms realize value from their IT investments. However, I’m able to bring a cross-industry perspective to my clients IT challenges because my background includes manufacturing and distribution, specifically in the transportation and logistics, and automotive and aerospace subsectors, where I spent the first half of my career.

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