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William Leemans

What I can do for you

I have expertise developing solutions in a variety of industries, including banking. I am very effective at initiating lowest-cost solutions. In one assignment with a large European bank, for example, I initiated a Windows 7 upgrade which allowed my client to cut costs by 50 % -- from $42 million to $21 million -- by changing the delivery method. This type of successful engagement makes me a trusted adviser for resolving critical client situations.

I have a strong track record with my clients because I can keep some distance between high technology -- the very complex things that happen behind the scenes -- and the ground-level actions that need to be taken to achieve results.

Who I am

As a veteran engineer, manager, and consultant, I focus on applying technology to achieve bottom-line business results. My banking clients rely on me for unbiased advice on the best ways to upgrade their legacy systems to become more efficient virtualized systems.

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Budget Constraints

Companies in every industry are working with constrained budgets, and yet they still need to invest in new infrastructure. While you’re making the needed investments, I can help you acquire new capabilities and lower costs in the process. Clients who can drive their businesses from an IT standpoint go beyond maintenance to acquire new capabilities.

IT Challenges

One challenge I see for my clients is moving away from spending excessively on maintaining their IT environments. One of the major sources of high costs in large IT organizations is custom applications. Firms often prefer custom apps based on the belief that they are superior to off-the-shelf solutions. I can help you move toward much greater standardization in your IT organization, thereby reducing maintenance costs dramatically.

Another challenge my clients face is reducing their carbon footprint. Many firms now have quotas for green energy usage and need to reduce their power consumption.

A third challenge is the need to avoid losing market share by becoming more agile. This may mean acquiring new consumer banking applications quickly, many times while maintaining legacy IT assets. I can help you achieve advanced electronic banking capabilities at the lowest possible cost.


I am able to help my clients reduce cost by virtualizing and optimizing their data centers. Many banks are moving aggressively to virtualized data centers, but they are incurring excessive costs in the process. In large organizations, for example, power costs required for IT are often much too high.

I will work with you to optimize your systems, thereby minimizing cost/performance ratios.

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