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Cindy Manderson

What I can do for you

I specialize in solving problems for customers using VMware products. I am committed to resolving all of their technical issues—regardless of how complicated they may be. With more than 27 years of experience and access to HP technology teams and external vendors, I can quickly and knowledgeably address the technology issues my customers are facing.

Helping clients get the most from IT infrastructure is about more than master-level technical capabilities. It’s also about knowing how everything—plans, environments, and people—comes together to impact business.

Who I am

I provide technical support to HP customers; I accept cases from escalation managers and join virtual teams when multiple technologies are needed to resolve complex, technical issues with VMware products.

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Training is a large part of what I do. By using first-hand experiences to develop and present technical online seminars, I help other HP associates service VMware customers. Furthermore, I order, configure, and manage hardware and the global lab, which is critical for VMware team members and other HP technology associates who work with VMware operating systems, to successfully perform their roles.

What I have learned

New technology is emerging and changing at an increasingly rapid rate. After working with the increased complexity and interdependency of multi-vendor operating systems and applications over the years, I have experienced firsthand the challenges that come from rapid transformations in technology.

Consider operating systems for example. Years ago popular file sharing and networking protocols were "virtualized" on top of OpenVMS and Tru64 UNIX platforms. Users accessing Windows File Services, Macintosh File Services and NetWare File Services were able to do so on these other platforms using the native clients networking protocol.

The VMware products have now taken these systems to another level, encapsulating the entire operating system on a virtualized hardware platform—not just Microsoft and Novell operating systems, but also Linux and ESXi itself. Even more fascinating, the virtualized operating system is freely movable to other hardware without affecting the users accessing them at any given moment.

As hardware products evolve into much smaller components and virtualization becomes the norm, customers will continue to demand top-notch customer service centers, staffed by the most knowledgeable and best-trained employees. And customers won't choose providers who don't offer it.

My background

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education and Psychology from State University in Oswego, New York. I began my long 27-year career at Digital Equipment Corporation in 1984, where I transitioned from word processing teams to Network Operating Systems, including Windows Platforms and VMware. In 2011 I co-developed and presented "Installing and Configuring VMware on HP Platforms" for "Technical Online Session", and was a speaker at Microsoft Tech Ed 1999 and Novel BrainShare from 2004 through 2006. Over the course of my career, I've presented several training sessions for supporting and servicing clients across various technologies.

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