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Bradley Mearns

What I can do for you

I enjoy turning complex problems into simple explanations and delivering thorough executions that turn those problems into business advantages. Maybe it's my can-do attitude or my belief that clients must be active participants in the development of any solution, but clients often tell me they love the way I work, as well as my ability to get along with everyone on their teams.

My goal is to help organizations find the storage infrastructure approach that fits their individual needs.

Who I am

My goal is to help organizations find the storage infrastructure approach that fits their individual needs. Whether that involves implementing tiered storage to reduce unnecessary spending, enabling a dynamic environment that easily manages data set alignment, or examining technical firmware issues, I want to help clients move quickly and efficiently.

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Many of our efforts begin by performing a storage virtualization assessment. This helps predict potential return on investment and savings based on a client's current storage environment, their growth rate, and capital and operational expenditures.

What I have learned

My focus is on making decisions that continually improve the way HP works with clients. I've discovered that this approach, coupled with end-to-end professionalism, delivers the best results and often transforms even unhappy clients into long-term, loyal clients.

My background

I've been in IT for more than 15 years, with 11 of those spent working with HP, holding positions that range from Field Engineer and Mission Critical Account Manager to my current role. Along the way I've earned certifications in a variety of platforms (Cisco, Microsoft, and HP) and gained an amazing amount of experience.

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  • "Implementing Tiered Storage: The Heart of an Optimized Data Environment" (IDC White Paper, April 2010).

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