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Ross Mittiga

What I can do for you

My goal is to become my client's advocate and trusted advisor. I want to truly understand their business and priorities, and take responsibility for the way our service meshes with and meets their requirements. Ultimately, it's about providing clients with peace of mind.

The cornerstone to success is to develop good client relationships and gain confidence and trust.

Who I am

I lead a team of service delivery managers and engineers that provide on-site multi-vendor technical support, as well as desk side support to our global and local clients. I also lead a team of account delivery managers who are responsible for supporting many of our global and major IMVS (Integrated Multivendor Service) clients. In essence, we provide one-stop shopping for our clients' service requirements.

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What I have learned

The cornerstone to success is to develop good client relationships and gain confidence and trust. All else flows from this; client satisfaction, business growth, personal growth and job satisfaction.

My background

I have more than 25 years in the IT services industry, including technical and management positions. I've gained extensive industry experience in multivendor support and have particular expertise in multivendor support business, solution design, transition, delivery and account delivery management.

Our successes include taking over one of Australia's largest bank's multivendor service. This was not an insignificant undertaking as it involved setting up a HP multivendor service capability from scratch. This capability had to extend geographically across 1100 Bank branches and be able to provide premium service to equipment ranging from pin-pads and teller devices to branch and data centre large scale servers. I led my team to perform the huge task of integrating systems, building processes, spare parts resourcing and recruiting and training a highly capable and customer centric team of service professionals.

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