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Xavier Petit Jean Boret

What I can do for you

My long experience working in various areas of IT has included everything from data entry to international and complex program management. Because of this hands-on experience, I am able to help my financial services industry clients achieve more powerful business solutions, serve their customers more effectively and reduce costs.

To be an effective consultant you need two skills: First, you need to believe in what you’re doing, and you have to be passionate about your company and committed to client satisfaction. The second thing you need is to be really experienced in providing a broad range of data to figure out the best course of action.

Who I am

In my view, a successful consultant has wide-ranging experience and believes in the value of what he or she delivers. My previous IT roles included being a delivery executive for major outsourcing contracts and a program director for a large IT transformation in Asia Pacific. I believe I have the know-how that can add value across a significant variety of business situations and IT challenges.

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Financial Services

Much of my experience is in the FSI sector in France. My strong service orientation and eye for opportunities allows me to develop long-term partnerships with my clients. I can help you create strategies for entering new markets, protect your intellectual property and address your existing segments more efficiently and effectively.

Business Challenges

Innovation is important for achieving a flexible, creative organization. One that has the ability to develop new products, even in a difficult regulatory environment, is successful. By focusing on helping you satisfy security regulations as efficiently as possible, together we can enable the kind of innovation that allows you to meet your competitive threats.

I would point to three main business challenges facing FSI clients today:

  1. Regulatory constraints. Banks are being compelled to institute increasingly stringent regulations around security of their data, to withstand frauds and loss
  2. Constraints on creativity. The greater the regulatory burden, the less freedom banks have to differentiate themselves from competitors by creating new products and initiatives
  3. Innovation, which gives banks the freedom to create value with new products and flexible organizations. I do see close linkages among these three challenges.

IT Challenges

My FSI clients expect their IT providers to deliver much more than technology. They are not concerned with which routers or servers are going to be placed in their data centers. Rather, they need end-to-end services that turn IT into tools that will ease their go-to-market concerns and help them reach their end users in retail banking better and faster. Therefore, our challenge together is bringing forward IT solutions that solve problems rather than simply providing more technology.

As banking institutions invest in the innovations that help them remain competitive, their margins shrink. Regulation compliance adds another layer of expense. And, with more data accessible anytime, anywhere, through increasing numbers of smart devices, security is both a concern and required investment. I can work with you to analyze the IT options you need to achieve the lowest cost solutions that will satisfy innovation, security and regulatory needs.

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