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Mathew Pulickel

What I can do for you

As an IT strategist, I bring business executives and IT professionals together, focusing on developing solutions that generate maximum business value. I function as an independent mediator, advising both parties on how to get the best solutions at the lowest possible cost. I started out writing code and studying finance and accounting. Combining these specialties, I moved to writing financial and accounting applications. Now as a consultant, I specialize in working with executives to understand their business needs, and then applying the most effective applications to address those needs.

If you have an independent mediator, you get more done. I function as that impartial mediator, which means I help companies get the best solutions for their money.

Who I am

I bring more than 20 years of deep domain expertise in the public sector to my consulting practice. I have a proven track record of creating value for my clients. I do this through innovative business transformations, including the world's first government e-procurement system, which became a preferred model for implementing transparent bidding processes. Known as eCitizen, it simplifies interactions between government entities and their constituents by transforming the agency-centric model to a citizen-centric model. Another of my successes was the Learning Exchange, a groundbreaking technology in the field of electronic exchanges.

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Technology Strategies

Executives want to know how to embed technology into their organizations' strategies and how to drive their strategies into their IT plans. I can help you leverage IT to deliver the capabilities you need to execute transactions, cut costs, and generate revenue.

Retail and restaurant clients are focusing more on their core businesses and less on keeping systems up and running. I have worked to help organizations in the industry outsource IT, finance, accounting, and HR functions. I can work with you to select service providers, negotiate agreements, transition services, and manage ongoing operations.

Many companies have archaic or legacy technology frameworks. My work with my clients focuses on the functionality they need, but cannot get from their existing applications. I can help you prioritize what resources need to be added and when, as well as what you should be thinking about looking into the future. By helping you identify business inefficiencies due to outdated applications and hardware, together we can focus on which updates will result in the greatest cost savings now.

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