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Sanjay Raut

What I can do for you

Deliver what HP calls the total customer experience. In principle that means being easy to work with and going the extra mile for you. In practice it means proactively reducing support issues before they happen and responding quickly when issues do crop up. Care Pack Services are all about building confidence in your equipment, in your business, and in HP.

When a client has such confidence in you that they give you a voice in their process, then you’ve succeeded.

Who I am

I manage Care Pack accounts for some of India’s largest banks, financial services consultancies, and retailers. Working with our financial services client, I helped reduce turnaround time for their support issues by 23% (March 2009–2010). Great proactive teamwork with one of our bank clients significantly reduced their need for support calls as well. Their customer management team tells me “we’re visiting our branches now without fear of hardware issues.”

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What I have learned

For me, a good reputation is the best measure of success. When a client has such confidence in you that they give you a voice in their process, then you’ve succeeded. That goes for HP as well. When my peers come to me not only for service-issue advice but for cross-functional help too, I know I’ve accomplished something.

My background

In addition to managing my banking and financial services accounts, I’ve managed warranty services for our major retail client for more than a year now, building confidence with HP printers and servers and ensuring good service delivery to more than 1,000 of the client’s outlets. Before supporting these clients I was involved in building two support centers in Mumbai City as an HP Partner Account Manager.

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