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Norbert Reil

What I can do for you

The business context for the manufacturing industry has never been more challenging than it is today. Competitors from emerging countries are moving aggressively into European, American and Japanese markets. These competitive attacks come at a time of rising energy and raw materials costs. I can help you consider and implement ways to become more efficient, rethinking existing service models and product designs.

Manufacturing companies now optimize their partner ecosystems for further growth, gaining flexibility, innovation speed, and operational efficiency.

Who I am

I have spent most of my professional career in discrete manufacturing for industrial products. I can bring you a deep understanding of the power of technology and complementary business partnerships to drive innovation and new business models. My extensive engineering and production background, combined with a broad IT solutions know-how, enables me to act as your manufacturing transformation coach.

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Growth opportunities

Even with unprecedented competitive threats, opportunities for growth have never been so plentiful. Global megatrends—changing demographics, rapid growth of new markets, and the nascent-but-fundamental transformation of value chains in the areas of mobility and sustainability—have created ideal conditions for the next cycle of long-term growth. As a manufacturing industry executive you are at the heart of these changes and well positioned to exploit them.

Proactive risk management

In an era of uncertainty, predicting tomorrow’s business environment is extremely difficult. Together we can make better decisions by leveraging the latest BI analytics and risk management tools. You can achieve these capabilities with new solutions that combine unstructured data clouds with internal and external data and sophisticated analytical models.

Innovation networks

I know you’re pushing hard to accelerate the pace of innovation in order to stay ahead of emerging competitors. While harmonizing and centralizing PLM systems have been popular in recent years, it’s time for you to leverage these investments and establish powerful R&D ecosystems. I will support your efforts to introduce virtualized engineering workplaces, high performance computing clouds, and development processes that seamlessly integrate suppliers and customers. I see an irreversible trend toward maximizing the benefits of innovation networks, including parallel design tasks; rapid signoff for product modifications between in-house R&D, suppliers, and customers; and internal focus on differentiating competencies by leveraging partners for commodity tasks such as stress simulation and technical publication management. I can act as your coach throughout this journey to R&D excellence, including change management issues as well as IP protection and IT performance requirements.


Green-tech has begun to impact nearly every aspect of the manufacturing industry value chain. You need to assess your sustainability business opportunities now. Smart energy, low-carbon mobility, recycling, and resource efficiency requirements are leading to new business models with high-margin products and services. I will become deeply involved in your green-tech business architecture discussions, helping analyze business cases and set up internal and external services networks that balance your time to market, operational risk, and execution costs.

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