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Kevin Saunders

What I can do for you

I am able to help my government clients transform their businesses to improve the services they provide for citizens. I’m committed to the work of enabling government to deliver higher quality services—whether to other government departments or to the public—at lower cost. Working together we will explore new ideas, technologies, and approaches, and I will help ensure that all of these these elements work effectively.

I always try to see things through the eyes of our clients—understanding what is important to them and to their businesses. That’s what makes the biggest difference to my clients in terms of delivering successfully and building our relationship.

With the pace of change threatening to become ever more frenetic over the next few years, I believe there will be even greater pressures on, and changes in, public sector IT. Security is one example. The need to ensure the security of transactions, information, and data is a tremendous challenge. And it will only become more daunting as more services are managed online and more citizens demand the ability to access them anytime, anywhere, and with any device.

Who I am

I have worked extensively in both the private and public sectors in the UK. I started my career as a civil servant and, later, worked for a number of technology companies in the public sector. My experience across these sectors has provided me with a unique insight into the needs of my government clients.

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Economic Reality and Service Continuity

The greatest challenge facing you today is how to transform your organization in the wake of severe spending cuts and resulting budgetary restrictions. In the current economic climate, every industry has had to slash costs, and the public sector is no exception. Public entities still have to provide services to their customers. And to do that, most large public sector organizations in the U.K. are considering how best to meet the challenges of maintaining and even improving their services, but with much more restricted budgets than they have had in recent years. I can help you successfully navigate these challenges.

Transforming Government Services

With many public entities looking to use cloud deployments to provide services, I work to plan and initiate cloud deployments in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. A second area that is probably high on your agenda is saving money through e-government initiatives, performing customer interactions and transactions online rather than face-to-face. Providing online services costs significantly less than having people come to an office for face-to-face discussions. Another key issue for you may be identity management—ensuring that citizens doing business over the Internet are who they claim to be. In my role as your consultant I can explore these issues with you.

Legacy System Issues

A number of public sector organizations in the U.K. face significant challenges with legacy hardware and software. Given the accelerating pace of change, combined with changing business pressures, you may be looking to retire expensive legacy systems and take advantage of newer technologies such as cloud, social media, and mobile applications. Unfortunately, re-engineering systems quickly and anticipating future demand can be very difficult, and it further stretches already tight budgets.

I can help you make informed decisions as to which systems to replace now and which new technologies will potentially be most effective for your organization in the future.

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