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Hall Strauss

What I can do for you

IT used to be seen largely as an afterthought focused on fulfilling back-office business requirements. Now it’s instrumental in helping define how manufacturing and distribution companies differentiate, sell, and deliver their products and services. How can technology help you improve your customer offerings and internal operations? How can you optimize your IT environment? What’s the best way to use and protect the vast amounts of data now available to both the business and IT? Should you keep it within your own walls, or put it on a public cloud? I can help you answer these questions and leverage technology to capitalize on business and IT opportunities.

My job is to show clients how technology can help address their business requirements and assist them in identifying and realizing opportunities for achieving business value.

Who I am

As a Manufacturing Industry Principal, I specialize in helping clients leverage today’s technology to optimize their IT and business operations. I have wide experience in manufacturing and distribution strategy, performance management, and operations. That includes more than 25 years of work with Fortune 500 clients at leading consultancies including Compass America, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Marakon Associates, and The Alcar Group.

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Market Dynamics

I’ve seen significant changes over my 25 years in consulting. Competition in manufacturing and distribution has become much more robust, and there has been a concurrent shift in the way technology is perceived. You and I both know that where IT used to be seen largely as an afterthought focused on fulfilling business requirements, it is now much more a partner in helping define how you differentiate, sell, and deliver your products and services.

IT Challenges

My manufacturing and distribution clients face an urgent need to significantly enhance their service delivery. Many are burdened by their legacy environments, which have evolved with both internal growth and M&A activity. As IT managers you need to determine the best ways to preserve key functionality, but also how you can leverage new software, hardware, processes, and technologies to transform your business and IT operations.

Future Growth

Globalization is a major opportunity for manufacturing firms, raising the question of where to locate facilities and how best to synthesize, analyze, and distribute information—along with their products and services—to improve their customer offerings and their internal operations.

How can you optimize your environment, leverage and protect your data, or incorporate cloud solutions? Let me help answer these questions and put technology to work – allowing you to capitalize on key business and IT opportunities.

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