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Sean Sullivan

What I can do for you

I will work with you to break down your business problems into their component pieces, and then to evaluate the various technical elements that might solve them. I can help you advance your larger strategic goals by looking beyond the immediate problem and identifying the underlying business driver.

The reason why my clients keep bringing me back is that they know I'm going to be as focused on their problem as they are. I find out what's not working, and I fix it.

Who I am

I specialize in IT and core network transformations, integrations, and consolidations in the telecom industry. In my career I have had front-line responsibility as a consultant and systems integrator for every sector of the telco industry – from enterprise and wholesale markets to IT and networking.

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I look at areas such as mobility services, cloud consolidations, and disaster recovery as the most pressing IT challenges facing my clients today. Telco clients are not simply consumers of IT; they're selling advanced services to their end customers. Oftentimes, they cannot use these same advances to modernize their own infrastructures. Every carrier supports thousands of servers, and they can't build data centers fast enough to keep up with the growing demand.

Every new version of an application requires more server power. As a telecom provider you have more transactions, more real-time dashboards and customer interaction systems, and more self care systems, all of which create increased loads on your IT platforms. You need to shrink you hardware footprint, your power consumption, and many other environmental variables that go into supporting your data centers, before starting to embrace important areas such as disaster recovery.

I believe that bringing these services into the cloud can help companies like yours lower service development cost and risk and become as nimble as some of the new content players, who so effectively differentiate their products and control their monetization.

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