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Philip Terbay

What I can do for you

I can work with your IT leadership team to assess your business objectives and to identify, define, and align your strategic objectives to create shareholder value. With that information in hand we can apply the most appropriate capabilities and resources to deliver your needed technology solutions.

Enabling IT organizations to identify and make investments, deliver on them effectively, and track their returns, is critical to driving shareholder value and continuous IT improvement.

Who I am

I possess deep knowledge of IT strategy and portfolio performance management, as well as skills in IT M&A, pre-merger planning and post-merger integration, ITSM and infrastructure management. I come equipped with experience in key applications areas of banking and capital markets businesses.

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Marketplace Changes

One of the major challenges I see for clients is keeping up with competitive changes in their financial services markets. Companies need to know what resources they have available to enter new markets, attract and retain customers, and develop new products, all while keeping pace with M&A, technology, and regulatory changes. You have to be able to identify where gaps and non-competitive practices exist and pull investment dollars from those areas to invest in new, more competitive solutions.

Customer Analytics

Another area of opportunity for retail financial services firms is customer data and analytics technology. For example, when a customer who inquires at a branch about a mortgage opportunity gets referred to a mortgage broker quickly and efficiently, banks can better exploit sales opportunities and enhance their technology ROI.

My goal is always to enable my clients to identify the key areas that can help them achieve their strategic priorities, by creating and executing plans to deliver desired results.

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