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Bruno Turco

What I can do for you

I see myself as an advocate for growth. I take pride in helping my clients succeed by targeting new opportunities. My primary objective is always to identify the best solution to a business challenge by focusing closely on the problem at hand. Where most consultants are experienced in a single discipline, I have industry experience that is both broad and deep. This enables me to consider all phases of the communications industry lifecycle as they relate to your current IT challenge.

IT must shift its worldview to where technology projects can come from anywhere, and IT becomes a key adviser or broker – rather than a manager– of projects.

Who I am

As an experienced IT consultant, I provide my communications industry clients with a full range of strategic solutions, as well as tactical and short-term plans. Throughout more than 20 years of consulting experience, I have assisted clients with a variety of project types, including workflow and process improvements, PMO, assessments, system and vendor integrations and enhancements, risk and controls, trade and asset servicing life cycles, RFPs, partnering, and legal and compliance. I’ve led task forces to implement the project management global method, along with risk management, quality ISO9001, and knowledge management initiatives. Additionally, I’ve created practices to provide solutions in network management, mediation, call behavior analysis, contact center, and security.

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Even though data center consolidation is getting much of the attention of today's corporate decision makers, I tend to step back and see the real revolution happening outside the data center. New technologies are empowering customers and employees by enhancing productivity and enabling new services. Marketing, sales, customer service, and other functions outside of IT are using new technology solutions to reach out to customers.

I’m passionate about driving IT to support an expanding universe of business needs and solutions. I believe that IT is a powerful enabler in your business, but only when it is led by a team that understands the business needs and executes IT to deliver the desired results. In this regard, I can help you focus on ways to be more competitive, compliant and cost effective.

Market Dynamics

As technologies are constantly evolving, I consider myself a valued adviser to my clients, helping them prioritize which technologies are right for their businesses, and which ones are more important now rather than later.

The worldwide telecoms market is projected to grow by one-third between 2009 and 2014; mobile data services will continue to be the main engine of that growth, easily surpassing voice revenues. I view this growth as strong encouragement for firms planning cloud computing initiatives, including software-as-a-service, platform-as-a-service, and infrastructure-as-a-service.

Global mobile data traffic has nearly tripled in the past year, growing more than ten times faster than voice. I can identify the drivers that will affect your business including increasing sophistication of mobile devices, greater availability of 3G services in growth markets, growth in mobile broadband services usage in mature markets, and ongoing investment in fixed broadband.

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