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Martin Visser

What I can do for you

I help my clients by working directly with their network management team, to prepare their network and security architectures and ensure the solution is completely integrated for deployment.. From the onset of client projects I personally see to it that the solution is implemented as designed and meets all of the client’s requirements, so they don’t have to worry about integrating HP products with third party products on their own. When integration is complete, I hand over the reins to the HP Enterprise Services team or whoever manages the environment. I am able understand the impact of design decisions both from the bottom up, knowing where the bits and bytes flow, but also have an appreciation of how businesses are keen to contain costs, manage risks, and provide the best opportunity for them to participate in the markets they work in.

I personally see to it that the solution is implemented as designed and meets all of the client’s requirements.

Who I am

I provide technical consulting services at all phases including analysis, planning, design and implementation. I have a wide range of experience in WAN and LAN technologies, as well as providing security solutions and deploying operating system infrastructure. Besides working directly with clients to deploy technology in their data centers, I also find myself architecting or discussing solutions with a business’s chief information officer, helping to lay out a roadmap for the coming years.

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What I have learned

Along the way I’ve learned that one solution—and one skills set—doesn’t always work for every situation. You need the know-how to choose the person or teams with the right experience to ensure our solutions are the best fit for each job.

My background

I started out as an electrical engineer involved in process control at a steel company. While there, I became interested in software development, specifically UNIX and Linux applications. I then got involved in network engineering. After joining HP, I focused on a wide range of networking platforms including Xylan, Nortel, Cabletron, Cisco, Check Point, F5, Packeteer, and HP Networking. I’ve earned VMware and Linux certifications and have been a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) since 2003.

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