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Jung Wei Foo

What I can do for you

I have helped my public sector clients use technology more effectively to address wide-ranging challenges. For example, I was involved in transforming a civil service college from a provider of training services with 30 classrooms to a world-class learning and knowledge management agency serving 60,000 employees. I have also designed and implemented one of the world's largest supply-chain systems, spanning six continents and carrying 50 percent of the world's copper production.

I focus on creating value through innovation, and the opportunities that it offers to create meaningful changes in people's lives. This is especially so in the public sector, where the impact can be felt across an entire nation.

Who I am

I bring more than 20 years of deep domain expertise in the public sector to my consulting practice. I have a proven track record of creating value for my clients. I do this through innovative business transformations, including the world's first government e-procurement system, which became a preferred model for implementing transparent bidding processes. Known as eCitizen, it simplifies interactions between government entities and their constituents by transforming the agency-centric model to a citizen-centric model. Another of my successes was the Learning Exchange, a groundbreaking technology in the field of electronic exchanges.

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Challenges in the Public Sector

Large, developing countries such as China and India need to implement the core government functions that will allow them to become fully integrated into the global economy. Scale is a major challenge, given these countries' size and unique demographics. I’m helping government agencies use IT to transform their functions and enhance efficiency. In developed countries, public sector organizations need to meet the demand for efficient public services by an increasingly sophisticated citizenry without raising public debt. This is becoming a major challenge in the Asia Pacific region due to aging populations, resulting in both rising social services costs and declining national productivity.

Strategic IT

Information technologies are advancing at an unprecedented rate. My clients are uniquely challenged in their ability to assimilate these technologies due to lengthy acquisition processes. I believe that governments need to adopt longer time horizons both for implementing the business capabilities they require and for developing strategic IT plans at the enterprise level. Frankly I see many organizations working at odds with their long-term interests by taking piecemeal approaches to IT, resulting in accumulations of disparate systems.

Focusing only on immediate needs may prevent you from reaping the benefits of standardized infrastructures and component architectures. To reverse this trend, you should consider strategic sourcing with single solution providers that can deliver the complete physical infrastructure, software stack, and applications.

Future Growth

Just as the Industrial Revolution and the dawn of the Information Age changed the nature of geopolitics, I believe that big data and analytics will be the defining technologies that will reshape global competitiveness.

When you are able to harvest and analyze the explosive growth of data you will be well positioned to develop national policies and strategies to compete in global markets. I can help you establish long-term IT plans that will enable your organization to transform such data into meaningful information and policies.

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