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Jim West

What I can do for you

My focus is on strategy with an eye toward implementation. I can help you identify critical issues. Then I can show you how to develop systems that improve business processes and the overall quality of IT delivery. I know that one of the greatest challenges you face is optimizing the demonstrable, measurable business value of technology. I can help you bridge the IT-business gap by making sure that business requirements are accurately reflected in your converged infrastructure, cloud, or other solutions.

I focus on strategy with an eye toward implementation, from developing an IT strategy aligned with the business strategy, through the selection and implementation of applications and infrastructure, and improving ongoing operations.

What I can do for you

I’m a Manufacturing Industry Principal with deep experience in the automotive and aerospace industries. My background is in IT transformation and my specialty is applying IT to solve business issues. I have more than 20 years of consulting experience with industry stalwarts such as Deloitte Consulting, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Ernst & Young.

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Best Practices

I am always working to help improve my clients’ operational and functional capabilities. I believe it’s important to apply lean principles to any IT organization I work with. I can help you identify and understand your most important issues, such as which applications should be maintained and migrated, and which ones should be eliminated. Then together we are in a better position to develop systems that are best suited to support your critical processes.

Cost Containment

My clients face strict cost-containment mandates. In the automotive industry in particular, IT has been cut significantly, which means that companies lack the systems and personnel that they need to take advantage of new market opportunities. We can consider conducting selective upgrades to your current systems, to better enable you to take advantage of new capabilities in the marketplace.

I’ve done a great deal of M&A work in recent years, helping two major automotive organizations combine their operations by consolidating systems, processes, and personnel. Organizations gain new capabilities via converged infrastructure and the cloud, achieve quicker turnaround in IT, and get new business applications up and running faster, without disrupting current operations.

Market Dynamics

The goal across industries is to do more with less. Industries such as yours have cut expenses and probably need to figure out how to use new technologies to increase productivity, expand markets, and secure supply chains. I see a trend toward bringing applications and infrastructure back in-house as one of the primary market dynamics impacting the automotive and aerospace industries. This transition may require building new data centers and facilities, or enhancing your current data center capabilities.

One of the biggest IT challenges facing you in the near term is meeting the needs of your internal customers who are increasingly technologically savvy. They are no longer willing to wait for 6-18 months for solutions from IT. They want instant results so they can move quickly to meet new market demands.

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