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Lisa Ann Williams

What I can do for you

I have a unique passion for the client. I truly listen to understand their needs and comfort levels, which helps me address problems in an appropriate manner and come to a resolution as quickly as possible. I only close the issue once the client is completely satisfied. This process builds true relationships, and has often enabled me to assist the same people over the years.

You must listen, understand and care about each client's needs.

Who I am

I support HP Insight Remote Support and associated applications. I am a Knowledge Capture Support (KCS) / Services Access Workbench (SAW) champion.

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What I have learned

Being successful at resolving problems doesn't come only from reading technical documentation and taking classes. You must listen, understand and care about each client's needs. That, along with your own past experience, leads to the most direct and satisfying path to a quick resolution.

My background

I started in HP as a Response Center Engineer supporting high-end CPU hardware. I was later recruited into a new team supporting Predictive Software, which evolved into Instant Support Enterprise Edition (ISEE). I now specialize in troubleshooting the installation and configuration of HP Insight Remote Support Software as well as its affiliated applications. I am also heavily involved with Services Access Workbench (SAW) / Knowledge Capture Support (KCS) and act as a champion for these products.

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