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Jeff Wittmaier

What I can do for you

A specialty of mine is helping my clients in the consumer products industry pursue growth opportunities. Much of their acquisition activity is focused on rapid-growth developing markets, where the competition for a few potential acquisition candidates is strong.

Ultimately, the reason we’re here is to increase the return to our clients’ shareholders, and the way to do that is through relentless focus on driving value.

Conversely, an important strategy for some clients may be spinning off divisions into separate companies in order to enhance their focus. Whether your interest is acquisition or divestiture, I can recommend and execute IT strategies that support your transaction objectives.

Another major trend impacting my clients’ top lines is the convergence of mobile devices and e-commerce. The increasing proliferation of “no-bricks” companies—those that do business exclusively online—is creating significant challenges for these clients. With their customers flocking to mobile devices, online buying is more convenient than ever, driving consumer products companies to differentiate products for each of their “bricks” retailers. I can help you create technology strategies to support these shifting needs.

Who I am

As a results-oriented professional, I’m highly consultative and articulate about how you can best address your IT challenges. With a strong technology background and a business-driven focus, I’m able to support your efforts to generate superior returns to shareholders by helping you meet your objectives in innovative and cost effective ways.I see myself as an advocate for growth. I take pride in helping my clients succeed by targeting new opportunities. My primary objective is always to identify the best solution to a business challenge by focusing closely on the problem at hand. Where most consultants are experienced in a single discipline, I have industry experience that is both broad and deep. This enables me to consider all phases of the communications industry lifecycle as they relate to your current IT challenge.

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Changing stakeholders

The stakeholder landscape for consumer products companies is changing dramatically. For example, there are profound shifts in consumer characteristics such as aging patterns, urbanization, and attitudes toward health and wellness. I will work with you to think through the technological impacts of these issues and generate cost-effective solutions to address them.

Because consumer products are so visible, consumer perceptions are critically important to your company’s public image. The green agenda, for one, is an important issue in both Europe and the U.S. Here companies are under increasing pressure to reduce their energy costs, packaging waste, and carbon footprints. Making your data centers more energy and cost efficient is one way I can support your green agenda.


Given the ubiquitous connectivity that exists today and the increasing amount of personal information being stored, security is likely one of your top concerns. Your managers are worried about security levels within their operations. They must provide robust protection in order to execute growth strategies and conduct day-to-day business. I’m involved at every stage, helping you identify specific security needs and create adequate protocols to address them.

Mobile technologies

Mobile technologies present significant challenges because of changing workforce expectations. Your workers expect to use mobile devices—their own and the company’s—to receive mail, approve transactions, and review other complex information. Here my goal is to help you establish the security protocols and transport environments that allow employees to work productively and securely in this expanding mobile environment.

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