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Paul Zwolsman

What I can do for you

With a track record of delivering IT transformation programs and hands-on experience managing large international IT organizations, I will always put your organization’s interests first. I am pragmatic and tenacious about delivering value for my clients.

I think that, in the end, a consulting engagement is only successful if it leads to an implementation that provides real business value to the client.

Who I am

My professional background combines strong analytical capabilities with solid delivery experience. I have led consulting engagements in banking and insurance ranging from business strategy to IT operations.

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Industry Challenges

European financial institutions are wrestling with multiple simultaneous challenges. First, they need to regain customer confidence that has been lost during the financial crisis. They need to do so by refocusing on their customers through more meaningful and differentiated interactions. This requires that IT be leveraged as a key enabler for channel optimization and integration, customer analytics, and segmentation.

Many European financial institutions need to reduce costs to repay state funding and improve their cost/income ratios. They can increase efficiency through business process redesign and straight-through processing, where business processes become automated. IT itself is a significant component of costs for financial institutions, which can be optimized through consolidation and virtualization, as well as migration to more cost-efficient open environments.

Financial institutions need to meet increasingly stringent regulatory requirements. Risk and compliance demands are growing rapidly, and financial institutions like yours need to be ready for additional regulation to come by laying a solid IT foundation now.

Value Delivery

I am able help my clients analyze challenges and define solutions in each of these three areas. I’m a strong believer in leveraging best practices from financial institutions in other geographies and adjacent industries to find proven solutions. This is one of the benefits of engaging a consulting firm that has a strong reference base of projects. Together we can translate proven client solutions into road maps and detailed action plans, which we’ll use to realize your plans. We’ll consider our consulting engagement to be a success only if the subsequent implementation project delivers the business benefits that were formulated at the outset.


The IT industry has embarked on a new change trajectory, driven by technological advancements such as consolidation and virtualization, converged infrastructure, cloud computing, service orientation, Web 2.0, and the proliferation of social media. This creates increasing complexity in the areas of business IT alignment, governance, architecture, service management, and security.

I’m ready to help you manage complexity by acting as an integrator between your organization’s issues and the vast array of available technological solutions.

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