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The pace of IT change is accelerating. The transformation and consumption of services such as social, security, mobility, analytics and cloud present a paradigm shift from traditional models. You need expertise to align evolving complex IT with your business needs. A unique set of risks and challenges result from the lack of real knowledge of the licensing (and SAM) implications.

You are looking to experienced and trusted partners to help address the challenges of negotiating optimum Enterprise Agreements to help you adapt to the New Style of Business. You want solutions that enable business and IT to collaborate, contract effectively and consume efficiently. We can help ensure that your software agreements align with your corporate objectives, software investment is maximized and optimized, costs are planned and reduced and risk is mitigated.

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HPE SLAS4E is available today to clients in all regions.
Get in contact with the HPE SLAS4E Team at: slmsadvisoryservices@hpe.com

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